Generate lead sales in your airport retail network

Push in-store missions to Frequent Flyers before boarding

Do you know Frequent Flyers's activities before boarding ?

65 Visiting the Lounge
54 Waiting at the departure gates
(Reading, Listening to music)
28 Walking / strolling around

Attract Frequent Flyers from their lounge to your Point of Sale through missions with Award Miles and boost your sales !

Reach interest of
A Community of Frequent Flyers
Connected Anywhere in the World
Thanks to Hi Duty Free

Push your missions with Award Miles in the Instamiles app !

Customize your missions

Customize your missions

  1. Create freely your whole mission (title, description, steps) with attractive picture to promote your brand and products.
  2. Select the best Award Miles for each of your missions to ensure that you are on the top list.
  3. Add your Point of Sale and manage the planification of your missions to attract Frequent Flyers in your store for the launch of your new collection, during your promotional offers, etc...
  4. BONUS !
    Suggest them exclusive discounts as cashback offers at the end of their missions to increase in-store impulse buying and boost your sales.

We check 100% data collected by Frequent Flyers

Benchmark your performance in real time in your private dashboard

Number of your diplayed missions
Number of clicks on your missions
Receive all pictures of missions accomplished
Follow your sales generated by cashback offers